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The Technology of Ink and Toner

When buying Ink & Toner for your printer & scanner it is crucial to buy the correct, compatible cartridges for your machine. There is a wide array of cartridges on the market and as a result is very easy to buy the wrong one, particularly as one company may have different cartridges for each of its machines.  Luckily, when purchasing ink & toner from Loco we have a helpful search tool to ensure that you buy the correct cartridges you need to fit your machine. If choosing a new printer and trying to work out what would be most cost efficient for your business needs take a look at our helpful information below to help you make an informed decision.  

What Are The Differences Between Ink & Toner?

Although both ink and toner generate the same end result of words and text on to paper the physical characteristics of ink and toner highly vary both in design format and content. To put it very simply ink cartridges use liquid ink to transfer on to paper while toner uses powder and different printers use the two varying processes which affect how much they cost to run.

Laser Printers Use Toner Cartridges

Ink is unsuitable for the xerographic printing process in which laser printers use. Toner works by transferring powder onto paper through an electrostatically drum kit that fuses onto the paper by the use of heated rollers within the printer. Laser printers can print with both speed and precision enabling to be highly useful in an office setting where there are many people using a printer often. 

Ink Jet Printers Use Ink Cartridges

Ink jet printers are more common particularly for home use these printers work by depositing ink on the paper in correspondence with the message sent by the linked computer. Similar to toner the cartridges for ink can be more expensive than expected. Many printing companies as a result actually make more money by selling the cartridges over that of the original printer. The cost can be reduce by using ink refill packs which we sell along with other maintenance equipment in our Ink & Toner Section.

Deciding Which Printer Best Suits Your Office Needs

The main way of how to decide which type of printer and related cartridges is better for your office needs comes down to cost. Toners up front cost is generally a lot higher than that of ink cartridges which can be off putting and so those trying to avoid expense to begin with may be swayed by purchasing an ink jet printer. However, toner cartridges last a lot longer than that of ink, as a result ink cartridges have a higher replacement cost over time, meaning over a longer period of time ink cartridges are more expensive.

The Best Printer For Your Office Depends On How Often It Is Used

In Conclusion, what printer and ink to go with is dependent on the use and the role the printer has in your office. In an office which has printer in constant use by a large number of people a toner based printer is the right purchase for long term saving, high document precision and speed. Alternatively, an office where the printer or scanner may be used twice a day than the lower cost of an ink jet printer is ideal as the printer won’t be used enough for the purchase of an expensive toner printer to be worth it. Whatever you choose at Loco we have a large range of both toner and ink cartridges and compatible printers in our Ink & Toner Section ideal for your need all available for next day delivery and come with our best price commitment.