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Office Paper

Office Paper

Great Value Paper for Your Office!

No matter how much paper you use , we offer a wide range to suit your business needs. Whether you need premium laser paper, multi-use copier paper, recycled, white or coloured sheets. Here at Loco we offer a wide selection of sizes and weights. In addition to cut paper, did you know we also have a large range of specialist papers, blotting paper, listing paper and card.

Paper has a weight value measured in GSM. The higher the GSM the better the quality and feel. Our standard paper weights are between 80gsm and 120gsm and are for standard business applications.

Paper Types & Uses

A4 80gsm paper - A4 is the most commonly used paper size for printing purposes. A4 paper comes in different weight classes; 80gsm is a lightweight paper form

A4 90gsm paper - This type of paper is mid-weight paper form.It has a smoother finish and is ideal for reports and presentations.

A4 100gsm paper - Perfect for all business communications which require a high quality finish. Extra smooth and brighter to maximise print quality and performance.

A4 120gsm paper - The ultimate premium paper. it is deal for the most important documents, such as legal documents, wills and title deeds.

Inkjet paper - Superior quality paper especially for inkjet printers.Available in Matt, Glossy and Bright White.

A3 paper - A3 paper is twice the size of A4 paper. Available in white, high white, yellow, blue, green and pink.

Card Sheet - Ideal for use as report covers and inserts when binding documents, file dividers and index cards.

Wide Format Paper - They are ideal for everday use, producing crisp line resolution and high contrast colour prints excellent for technical drawings and presentations.

Social Stationery - Our social stationery is deal for place settings, weddings, meetings and identification.

Preprinted Stationery - Produce your own purchase orders, invoices, receipts, personnel forms, contracts, job estimates, reports or any other multi-part form.

Blotting Paper - For written documents, blotting paper is extremely useful when fountain pens, quills, and dipped pens are used.

Listing Paper - Sometimes referred to as computer paper, dot matrix paper or continuous feed paper. For use in dot matrix printers and in-line printers.

Paper Other - Various other paper types including certificates,A5 paper, Marble paper and Parchment paper


Looking after your paper

The storage and handling of paper is often overlooked. By being aware of a few simple facts, paper jams and other problems can be avoided.


Paper is manufactured with low moisture levels. if exposed to damp it will absorb moisture from the air and will not feed efficiently.


It is recommended that paper is stored in its wrapper until you need to use it. This will prevent damage but also help to minimise running issues.

 Over Heating

Paper stored next to heat sources or in direct sunlight can become over dry. this will also cause paper jamming.

 Cold Conditions

If paper has been stored in cold conditions it should be allowed to reach room temperature before being put into printers and copiers.