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Legal & Personnel

Legal & Personnel

Here at Loco Office Supplies we stock a number of Legal & Personnel Supplies including registers, law books and pads, legal wallets, probate wallets and other legal sundries. Just use our handy filter located on the left hand side of this page to help you source the size, type and brand of product you require.


Essential Legal & Personnel Supplies

We have an essential range of office legal & personnel supplies including a selection of legal filing products coupled with all the general office supplies your firm needs. Choose from expandable files, file envelopes and jackets, file folders, case file labels and systems and more helpful tools that are designed to work together while exhibiting a highly professional appearance and quality that lasts.


Legal Stationery, Fine Paper and Marketing Materials - are only the beginning. Buy online and save on all your office supplies, legal supplies and personnel supplies by purchasing all your stationery and client communication materials from one source.


Legal Sundries – Our range of legal sundries include Guildhall legal corners, silk legal tape reel, legal tape braids suitable for wills.

Legal Filing - For all your legal filing needs, we have Guildhall legal wallets, probate wallets, probate transfer files and personnel wallets, all in a variety of colours and sizes.

Lawyers Books & Pads – Get those important books and pads including, Accident books, counsels notepads, legal pads and share certificate books.

Registers – Guildhall Attendance Register 24 Openings 298x203mm Black. Casebound hardback black vinyl cover for everyday use 24 openings (48 pages) each ruled with 34 feint lines, space for name and 15 sets of five subdivisions. Traditionally sewn in sections to ensure pages lay completely flat making it easier to write.

Legal & Personnel Other – Deed Straps with Buckle to Secure Bulky Documents 33x900mm. Hard-wearing fabric straps designed to secure bulky documents.Buckle ensures contents are held securely. Packed 6


For All Your Legal Supplies & Personnel Supplies

Loco is not only committed to serving law firms by providing a single source advantage for all law office essentials and legal office supplies, but they are also committed to helping the environment by providing green friendly and recycled products.

We have lawyers books and pads, a variety of legal filing options, legal and personnel forms, legal sundries and registers. We understand that the contents for important legal documents are up to date and are kept protected and stored securely. Select from our variety of coloured filing solutions to ensure your most important legal papers can be easily recognised amongst other documents. The variety just goes on and on. And so do the prices, we offer low prices across the entire range of Legal & Personnel Supplies!