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Filing Cabinets

Filing Cabinets

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Filing cabinets are essential in a world which is not quite ready to embrace the paper-less office! There are some things that simply have to be physically printed and filed or archived and that’s where we come in. Our filing cabinets are cheap, practical and space-saving solutions for filing all those important papers and documents which you either need to lock away for posterity, keep in case you need them in the future or have to hand but without cluttering up the office. We specialize in everything from wood file cabinets to metal file cabinets so there is something to suit everybody's style. We have a large range of cheaper alternatives available to suit smaller budgets.

Searching through hundreds of storage cabinets can be a daunting prospect, so we have split our selection into helpful sections. Everything from two drawer, to four drawer, to fire proof, we hope this will make your job a little easier! We stock all the leading manufacturers, all at the best possible prices. Choose Wisely as this filing cabinet will be with you for a good few years and maybe even a lifetime. Here at Loco Office Supplies we pride ourselves on being one of the best suppliers of office furniture Ireland has to offer and we will help you find the right storage cabinet for your office or home.

When Choosing the right storage cabinet. Think of the following points:

Would I prefer a Wood or Metal?
Wood will be a bit more expensive so bear this in mind. But will look better in the long run, matching in with your existing furniture so snuggleing right into that corner in your home, going undedected.

How much filing space will I need?
Each drawer normally will take about 30 suspension files, depending on how much you but into each file that is! So 1 drawer, 2 Drawer, 3 Drawer, 4 drawer or a multi drawer.Think about down the road - 2, 3, and 4 years time. Your filing cabinet will still be with you as they come with hefty guarantees so you might only need 2 drawers now but you may need the extra drawers then.

Think about the size of files you will be filing.
Most cabinets come in two sizes in terms of the files they take. A4 for your standard A4 paper files, or Foolscap for those slightly larger paper, normally the ESB bill or something similar.

Think Colour.
Choose wisely as this product will be with you for a good few years and maybe even a lifetime.

Think Budget.
Filing cabinets come in all different qualities and costs. The Bisley brand is the most popular with the Superior followed by the Premium and then the Budget Trexus Range. All are excellent but heavier material and bigger guarantees are really the noticable differences.

Finally think about accessories.
One of the most common problems is ordering your filing cabinet and forgetting about the suspension files to go into it. Remember to get the right size A4 or Foolscap. If in doubt or you are still having trouble choosing the right product, then please just give us a quick buzz or drop us an email and we will help you choose the right cabinet that fits all your needs.

Our Range-

Here at loco.ie, we’ve split our filing cabinets into helpful sections to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. We stock all the leading manufacturers, all at the best possible prices.

Metal – A stalwart piece of office kit. In fact, these have been around just as long as offices have!

Wooden – An attractive alternative to metal and available in a range of woods such as oak and maple and a variety of finishes so you can match them to the rest of your office.

Fire Proof – Make sure that even in the event of a fire, your important files are safe with our range of top quality fire proof filing cabinets.

Card Index Cabinets – You’ll find a wide range of card index cabinets in this department, from the small desktop variety to towering 15 drawer card indexers.

Trays and Accessories – A range of trays and accessories for cabinets, including 4, 5, 9, 16 and 24 sections.

4 Drawer Cabinets – Coming in a wide range of colours and textures, Wooden or Metal, Grey to Brown and Cream to Maple or Cherry. The choice is yours.

3 Drawer Cabinets – Giving plenty of storage but still not dominating your room. The 3 drawer is the younger nemesis of the 4 drawer big brother.

2 Drawer Cabinets – Not as intrusive as the 3 or 4 draw alternatives, in your surroundings but still giving you enough storage to fulfill your requirements.

1 Drawer Cabinets – deal for the home or home office. Especially if space is an issue. The 1 drawer cabinet takes A4 files so make sure you pick up a box of A4 suspension files.