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Notice Boards

Notice Boards

Take notice.....of our notice boards! Boards are a great communication tool in the office, from sharing vital meeting information and deadlines to announcing birthdays or upcoming events. You'll find old school cork boards, ‘Back To School’ chalk boards as well as whiteboards and cheap magnetic boards. Dry wipe boards for office are also essential for giving presentations, making explaining business plans easier. We sell just about every type of notice board under the sun, including accessories for their use such as pins, pens, magnetic board magnets and erasers perfect for both home and office use.

The big difference with a notice board is that it is typically something people will congregate towards when they seek information, or to spread word with a notice of their own. Rather than being the central focus of the function of the space like whiteboards, notice boards are more often something people gravitate towards and choose to pay attention to.