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Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Office Safety

Sometimes working in an office is not completely safe. Each year thousands of office workers are involved in incidents and accidents that result in long term injuries. Poor health and safety practices can increase costs and decrease your organizations productivity. As part of a group you are responsible for reducing incidents and accidents that occur in your work environment. A complacent attitude to office safety can led to unnecessary accidents and injuries occurring. Potential hazard in the office can be avoided by taking simple precautions. Office safety is essential to your success and to the success of your organisation and we have complied a range of essential office safety equipment to help you.

 First Aid – Dressing those minor cuts and bruises is an everyday occurrence, and you never know when you might have to deal with something more serious, so it’s important to be prepared.
Safety & Security Services – Safescan Time Attendance WiFi System. Real-time access to time records Calculates working hours and overtime.
Safes & Locks –For storing cash and valuables, important and confidential documents, hanging files, Safes with shelving – we have Safes for all security needs.
Fire Extinguishers – Depending on the environment you’re trying to protect, and the nature of the fire you may have to extinguish you may want to order a different type of extinguisher.
Protective Clothing – Head, Eye, Ear and Respiratory protection against falling or flying objects or noxious gases.
Safety Signs – Whether for parking, restricting access, promoting Hygiene, giving directions or for general information such as conveniences, the appropriate signage is on offer here at Loco.
Protective Clothing – Head, Eye, Ear and Respiratory protection against falling or flying objects or noxious gases.
Key Security Systems – Key Clips are a neat way of storing keys for ease of access. Key Tags are pretty essential for identifying what each key unlocks, especially when you’ve got a bunch of keys and a lock that might be stiff or difficult to open!
CCTV/Alarms/Detectors – Panic alarms and Bank Note Fraud protection systems are available here. Be secure – protect yourself and your property with a CCTV system or Alarm from Loco.
Cash/Document Boxes – For Petty Cash or confidential documents lockable cash boxes / document boxes are available here at Loco. We’ve also got security boxes that offer fire and water protection.
I D Badges – When you need to be able to identify people ID badges are a must. In a range of colours, shapes and sizes.
Torches – Loco has a range of lights and torches that will guide your path when the lights go out.
Safety & Security Other – Miscellaneous safety and security items from Cash Bags, to Incidence Log books, portable Bank note Checkers and a great many other items.

Office Security

To ensure office safety and office security are being met around your office, use an office safety checklist to ensure that you are covered.
This should include items related to :

  • Housekeeping
  • Your workstation
  • Safety around the office
  • Manual handling
  • Emergency Response
  • Office security
  • Agression Response

Select from our great range of office safety and office security products and keep safe and secure while you work. And remember we also provide free next day delivery!