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Choosing the Right Envelope

There's more to the humble envelop than a flap and an address window.

Our 'easy-peasy' guide is here to help you quickly track down the right envelope for the right job.

Envelope Styles click to search for envelopes

Coloured & Textured Envelopes

Increase response rates or reinforce your message. These ranges will make sure your mailings get noticed.

Gusset Envelopes
Expandable gusset envelopes are hard-wearing and designed to hold bulkier items such as brochures, presentations and catalogues.

Board Back Envelopes
Board backed envelopes ensure your documents remain flat and arrive in pristine condition. perfect for photographs, certificates and important documents.

Mailing Machine Envelopes
For automatic insertion of documents.

Tyvek Envelopes
The strongest envelopes on the market that won't tear, burst or let in water - the ultimate in protection.

Polythene Envelopes
Lightweight, waterproof, burst, tear and puncture resistant bags can be used to transport all manner of goods to ensure they arrive in good condition.

Standard Envelope Sizes click to search for envelopes 

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