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Choosing the Right Stationery

Loco... Equipping You With All Your Business Needs

The truth is that there’s much more to choosing the right office stationery than merely investing in some staples and paperclips, and even suddenly finding yourself short of something as simple as some binders or printer paper can be a great annoyance and hamper your productivity to a surprisingly great extent.



Essential Paper Supplies

Of all the office stationery items that are available to buy, paper is surely the most obvious. It’s this stuff that you’ll need to have plenty of in your printer when there’s that vital business document that needs to be printed off. Or you may use paper to make random notes, among many other possible functions. The Loco Office Supplies online store is a fine source to a comprehensive range of paper supplies with a large range including printer paper, copier paper, blotting paper, photo paper and the list continues... even to include lisiting paper!

Writing Stationery Supplies

In addition, to make the best use of paper you obviously need writing equipment! Luckily for all Irish businesses we have a great selection of ergodynamic ball point pens, fountain pens, highlighters, roller ball pens all available in a great array of colours and designs to ensure ergonomic quality pens perfect for you and your office. Beyond this, we also have a large selection of associated accessories to use your pens for beyond paper including whiteboards!

Organisation Tools

Once you’ve purchased those bare essentials, in such a deadline-dominated environment as an office, you’ll probably then want to consider those business supplies that are so invaluable in helping office employees to keep to their schedules, such as diaries and calendars- helping ensure all your appointements and deadlines are known and prepared for. Other must-have stationery items for your office include files and folders, which are invaluable for storing everything from legal documents to employee records. In this category, we stock everything from lever arch files and ring binders to plastic wallets and box files.

This is only the beginning of our range there are so many other examples of office stationery that you may also need to purchase,and that's why we have such  including everything from small desk calculators for the rapid working out of vital sums, to envelopes in which to send those all-important documents. With Loco Office easy to navigate website you are assured to discover a generous selection of must-have office supplies, if you need any help, we'd love to talk please contact us at 01 658 2558.